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UPC: 645397940630
Brand: NEBO

Experience the versatility of the Mini Larry 500, the latest addition to the revered Big Larry flashlight series from NEBO®. This 2-in-1 LED flashlight and work light is compact and lightweight, designed for portability without sacrificing brightness or functionality. Mini Larry 500 features a powerful 500 lumen LED flashlight and a 450 lumen C•O•B work light with four distinct modes to adapt to a wide range of lighting needs, from focused spotlighting to broad area illumination.

Crafted with cutting-edge C•O•B LED chip technology, Mini Larry 500 offers superior illumination and energy efficiency compared to standard LEDs. Its robust magnetic base enables convenient hands-free operation by attaching to any metal surface. Crafted from durable, aircraft-grade aluminum, it is designed to withstand impacts and the rigors of daily use.

NEBO’s Mini Larry 500 also includes a protective bezel to safeguard the recessed LED and a resilient rubber cover to guard the work light. For ease of carrying, a sturdy steel clip is integrated that can be reversed for use as a cap light or removed for a sleeker profile.

With NEBO’s proprietary Smart Power Control™ (SPC) technology, this pocket flashlight ensures a smooth transition between light modes, extending battery life. Plus, it's fully rechargeable via an integrated USB-C port, adding to its convenience and portability. Trust the Mini Larry 500 for all your lighting needs – your pocket-sized solution to versatile, efficient, and durable illumination.

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