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UPC: 687618120124
Brand: MISC

Dishwasher Magic safely and effectively removes build up from lime scale, mineral deposits and rust which can clog up the openings in the water arms and reduce water pressure. Dishwasher Magic can also remove discoloration on the interior of your dishwasher caused by water impurities, food buildup and stains. It will also disinfect your dishwasher and leave it fresh smelling.

#1 Selling Brand in Dishwasher Cleaning
Only EPA Registered Disinfectant Dishwasher Cleaner
A Clean Dishwasher Equals Clean Dishes
Maximizes Cleaning Performance & Improves Life Span of Dishwasher
Cleans Your Dishes Better
Improve Water Jet Circulation
Lower Electrical Consumption of your Dishwasher
Lessens the Risk of Break Down
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